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This page describes the key accessibility features used on this website to help users who wish to take advantage of them.


Access Keys

Access keys let you move around a website without using a mouse. They are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to jump to a section of a page or part of a website.

Please see the table below for a list of access keys used in this site. You can access the  information by viewing the sitemap.


0 - Access key details

1 - Home page

3 - Site map

6 - Help

9 - Contact

s - Skip navigation


Please see the table below which will tell you which combination of keys you need to use for your browser:

Access Key combinations
If you are using...   You need to...

Internet Explorer + (PC)

Hold down the ALT key and press access key, release both keys then press ENTER


Internet Explorer 5+ (Mac)

Hold down the CTRL key and press the access key

Netscape 6+


Hold down the ALT key and press the access key

Netscape earlier versions


Access keys are not supported

Firefox 2+

In sequence press the ALT key then SHIFT, followed by the access key. Previous versions of Firefox do not require 'shift'.



In sequence press SHIFT then ESC and then select the underlined access key


Accessibility standards

To ensure the best possible experience for users of a wide range of browsing software, this website is developed to conform with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0 (WCAG 1.0)

We believe the site conforms to the W3C WAI WCAG 1.0 Level Double-A standard and includes some Level Triple-A checkpoints too.


We also aim to ensure our site uses valid XHTML and CSS to ensure an interoperable site.


Text size and style

Some users may find the colour combinations used on a web page difficult to read. Your internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) allows you to change colour and page background to make it easier for you to surf the internet.


These browser settings can normally be found under 'Tools', 'Internet Options' or 'Preferences'. Refer to the browser help files for further instructions or feel free to contact us for assistance.


Email website team


We have also included 3 text size buttons at the top of each page which allow you to increase/decrease the pages text size. These look like A / A / A.



We have provided a sitemap (access key 3) to assist with navigation.



We would like to hear about any problems or suggestions as to how we can make this a more accessible website. Please get in touch (access key 9).