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Beverley Area Walks

The table below contains information on all walks centred in the beverley area. Click on any walk's name or reference code to see more details on the walk, including photos and a route map.


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C77 - Beverley Beaver Trail 3
Walk Name
Beverley Beaver Trail 3
Complete this 13-mile long route south of Beverley to see Risby Park, Walkington and the Westwood.
Circular Walk
Ordnance Survey Explorer Map
Car Parking Facility
Leisure Complex in Beverley (charges may apply)
Pubs and shops in Beverley
Public Conveniences
Lord Roberts' Road and other sites in Beverley
Distance (Miles)
Distance (Kilometres)
  • Leave the Leisure Complex by turning right from the main entrance onto Flemingate.  After 150 yards turn right onto Spark Mill Lane.  Continue over the drain to a T-junction, turning right onto a bridleway past Cherry Tree Cottage.  Remain on the main track.  Swing right to carefully cross the railway line and follow further bends to Long Lane. 
  • Turn left along the road and then right into Willow Lane.  Go past the caravan site to reach a stile at the housing estate. Turn left to follow the drain bank through a small copse and you will reach a stile and wooden bridge.  
  • From here continue southeast alongside the drain on the field edge.  Where the drain turns right, cross the field using a wooden bridge and you will reach a corner of Shepherd Lane.  Travel in the same direction to pass Old Hall Farm with a hedge on your right, or follow the road to reach a farm track. 
  • Turn right (southwest) to pass through Model Farm.  At the next field junction follow the track as it bends to the left and crosses over a main road (Beverley bypass).  Stay on the track to walk to Poplar Farm.  Leave the main track at a large barn (not heading towards the electricity substation), and continue south along a wide grass footpath until a junction on the right leads through bushes. 
  • Take a grassy field edge path beyond (with a drain on your right) to Jillywood Lane.  Follow a footpath through trees and bushes to the cycle lane alongside the A164.  Turn right, and cross the busy A164 with care to take the road ahead. 
  • At the next junction leave the main road (to Walkington).  Take the minor road straight ahead (towards Little Weighton) to reach a corner of Fishponds Wood on the right.  Use the footpath to the right to follow the edge of the wood, cross a drain, and then cross a field to a corner of the Walkington Road.
  • A short way along this road leave to the left across the field, joining the footpath alongside the hedge to the right, passing woodland and a small pond.  Continue over a small stile, down to a track to a second stile.  Cross the field diagonally and go past a small quarry to reach Risby Park Farm. 
  • The trail now follows the 'Beverley 20' route to the Westwood. Turn half right, taking the road northwest to cottages and then the track to the right of Keeper's Cottage.  Go down a short slope to a stile on the left.  Follow the footpath in the pasture which crosses under the trees, goes past a large, fenced copse on your right, and then picks up the hedge side path towards Walkington. 
  • Use the stile to enter into a short lane and then pass through a gate at the houses.  Follow the footpath to the right which runs under trees, past playing fields, along the back of houses, through a gap and on in the same direction to the road (the hedge will now be on your right).  Cross with care, turning right along the road side to Bentley Park Farm. 
  • Turn left onto Moor Lane, a track which runs alongside a plantation to a kissing gate on the left.  The field edge ahead leads to a further gate, then downhill to a stile.  Walk in the same direction for another few steps, then follow a further field edge to a stile and a path through bushes and trees.
  • Turn left and soon right up to the main Beverley-Walkington road.  Turn right to go over the bypass and then immediately cross the road to a stony track alongside the bypass.  Where this levels out, take the footpath to the right which follows a long field edge.  Use the stile in the gap at the end to enter onto the open common (the Westwood).  Follow town centre signage and the route on the map to return to the Leisure Complex.
Start Point
Leisure Complex in Beverley
End Point
Leisure Complex in Beverley
Towns & Villages
Bentley, Beverley and Walkington
Start Easting
Start Northing
End Easting
End Northing
Further Information
Features of Interest
-  This route was devised by members of the Beverley Athletic Club as a cross-country running route.  It is doubtful that they had time to spot any features of interest 'en route'.  However, if you walk in spring you will see that the countryside to the south of Beverley is entrancing with its wildflowers and birdsong. 
Accessibility Information
This route:- 
-  contains some gentle slopes. 
-  contains a mixture of stiles and gates. 
-  crosses at least one road and a railway line. 
-  contains some uneven surfaces.