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Driffield and East Wolds Area Walks

The table below contains information on all walks centred in the driffield and east wolds area. Click on any walk's name or reference code to see more details on the walk, including photos and a route map.


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N43 - Huggate Hike
Walk Name
Huggate Hike
Experience the Wolds Way on this ride through a scenic valley.
Circular Walk
Walk Type
  • Mountain Biking and Horse Riding Routes
  • Wolds Walks
Ordnance Survey Explorer Map
Car Parking Facility
Park at Warren Farm in Warter by prior arrangement (please call 01759 304091 - a small fee will be charged). Alternatively, park on the roadside in Huggate or Wetwang
Pubs in Huggate and Wetwang
Public Conveniences
North Street in Driffield
Distance (Miles)
Distance (Kilometres)
Lengthened Distance (Miles)
Shortened Distance (Miles)
  • Leave the farm and ride along the drive to the road.  Turn left and ride ¾ mile to a T-junction where you turn left (GR.854523).  Ride along this road for a mile, passing a farm on the left.  When you come to a small cottage on your right turn left and ride along a well-defined bridleway (GR.858537). Ride on until you come to a small wood.  Go through the hunting gate to the right and into the old pasture in a valley.  The bridleway passes due left alongside the fence at the top of the valley.
  • Following the fence line, ride all the way to the corner.  At the corner turn right and go down the steep hill, still keeping the fence to your left.  Turn left and follow the bridleway signs until you meet the road (GR.848540).
  • At the road, turn right and ride for ¼ mile going round a bend and past a "quarried gap".  Turn left (GR.850545) onto a bridleway and enter onto pasture land.  Follow this flat-bottomed dry dale into a wooded area.  Keeping to the right of the wood, follow the bridleway as the valley narrows.  At a division of the track amongst the trees, turn right (GR.851565) up the way marked bridleway and ride uphill to meet the road. Ride straight ahead up the lane which is signposted "Fridaythorpe".
  • When you come to the farm buildings, just before the A166, turn right (GR.858577) to head south east.  Follow this headland bridleway across one farm drive and on until it meets a second farm drive.  This next section is part of the Wolds Way Long Distance Footpath (permissive riding only through  Glebe Farm; please ride with care and keep off the mown grass).
  • Ride through the farm and out down the East Farm Drive following the waymarkers.  When you meet the lane (GR.881557), turn left and ride for ¾ mile.  Next take a bridleway on the left (GR.885567).  Ride to a small gate in the hedge.  Go through the gate and ride diagonally right down the hill to the cattle pens and gate.  Go through the bridlegate and follow the Wolds Way signs.  Exit through the five barred gate and then almost immediately turn right (GR.875584) along an old clay road.  Follow this road for 1½ miles to meet the A166.  Keep right at this road junction.
  • Although visibility is good, exit with care onto this road.  Ride for a mile to a roadside farm on the left (GR.909591).  Turn left onto a bridleway which takes you through this farm, becoming a wide grass road.  Continue on this track for almost two miles, crossing straight over the one road you encounter.
  • When you meet the second road, turn right and ride on the road to Wetwang village.  When you come to the pub and village pond, turn right and then almost immediately turn left going down the side of the church.  Follow the road left and then take the next turn to the right.  Ride on past the houses where the road deteriorates to become a well-defined track. Follow this track for about a mile until it turns left (GR.936573) and then right.  (Take care here as there is another bridleway which goes straight on.)
  • Follow the waymarkers through to Angus Farm, passing a small pond on the way.  Ride down the drive from the farm to meet the road (GR.943555).  Turn right and ride ¼ mile to take the bridleway to the left.  Ride down a field headland to the trees at the bottom.  Turn right (GR.941547) and stay in the bottom going straight ahead and through a gate (ignore the bridleway to the left).
  • Follow this glorious old grassy route for about seven miles, crossing straight over two tarmac roads.  At the third road and cottage, turn left and retrace your steps to your starting point at Warren Farm.
  • This circular ride is taken from the book "Humberside on Horseback" and included by kind permission of the British Horse Society. 
Start Point
Warren Farm in Warter
End Point
Warren Farm in Warter
Towns & Villages
Fridaythorpe, Huggate, Tibthorpe Wold, Warter and Wetwang
Start Easting
Start Northing
End Easting
End Northing
Further Information
Features of Interest
-  "Wetwang" is translated from the Viking word "Vaettvangrr" which means "field of summons" or "field of witness".  In recent years Wetwang has become a treasure-trove for archaeological digs.   
-  Fridaythorpe's local church, St. Mary's, has an unusual clock believed to be a copy of one from an 18th century chateau.  Made of wood, the clock has the inscription "Time is short. Eternity is long." 
Accessibility Information
This route:- 
-  contains some steep slopes. 
-  contains a mixture of stiles and gates. 
-  may involve walking or riding through fields with livestock. 
-  crosses at least one road. 
Additional Information
-  The grade only applies if you follow this route on foot.