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Pocklington and West Wolds Area Walks

The table below contains information on all walks centred in the pocklington and west wolds area. Click on any walk's name or reference code to see more details on the walk, including photos and a route map.


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N6 - Great Givendale Ride
Walk Name
Great Givendale Ride
Sample the bottom edge of the Yorkshire Wolds where they drop down to the Vale of York.  Watch out for boggy spots along the way!
Circular Walk
Walk Type
  • Mountain Biking and Horse Riding Routes
Ordnance Survey Explorer Map
Car Parking Facility
Horseriders can park by prior arrangement at High Belthorpe Livery Yard in Bishop Wilton: please call 01759 368 238 (a small fee will be charged). Walkers should park in Bishop Wilton
Pubs in Bishop Wilton and Millington
Public Conveniences
Railway Street in Pocklington
Distance (Miles)
Distance (Kilometres)
  • From High Belthorpe Livery Yard ride down the main drive and onto a metalled road heading northeast to Bishop Wilton. 
  • Ride straight ahead through the village to the Fleece Inn.  Turn right (GR.797551) and ride along the lane for just over a mile. (This is along the bottom edge of the Wolds where they drop down to the Vale of York.) 
  • Take the first turn left (GR.802536) to Great Givendale, riding up a steep winding hill.  At the top of the hill cross directly over the road and ride down an old bridleway skirting the 12th century St Ethelburga's Church which is to the right.  (After passing the church you will see lovely wildlife ponds to the right.  These were originally dug out of the boggy area by the Vikings to create carp breeding ponds.) 
  • The bridleway is well-defined but there is usually stock on it through the valley and up the hill.  Take care to keep to the track as there are some unpleasant boggy areas on the hill to the left-hand side. 
  • Cross the stream by using the timber bridge (GR.823535).  Go through the gate, ride up the hill and then bear slightly left through another gate to follow the track to Little Givendale Farm.  Ride down the drive to the beech trees and the road (GR.827525).  At the crossroads cross straight over towards Millington and on the outskirts of the village turn left.  (This is a pleasant village with a delightful squat church.  If you wish to visit it, turn right and then keep bearing left to return to the crossroads.) 
  • Leave the village by following the sign on the left to Millington Pastures.  You will ride along a wide grass verge giving excellent views across the valley, and then along a short, narrow lane.  On horseback you can cut across the sharp bend in the road.  (To your left is Millington Wood and picnic site - a conservation area owned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, which cannot be accessed on horse). 
  • Ignore the first bridleway to the left and continue on up the road for ¼ mile.  At this point the old Roman road crosses the pasture road.  To your right is a footpath crossing a stream which runs from a small pool.  Turn left (GR.842531) to ride up a steep hill and follow the bridleway which leads uphill through the bushes and scrub to arable land at the top.  (This is known as "Thieves Sty" and conjures up visions of all sorts of evil misdeeds.  It is also the course of the old Roman road.) 
  • Ride straight ahead to the farm and then down the drive to the road, passing the other end of the Millington Wood bridleway to your left.  At the road (GR.834545) turn left and then after ¾ mile take the headland bridleway to your right (GR.830533).  Follow it to the stone track where you turn right (GR.823533). 
  • You will now recognise this area from your outward journey, so make your way back to High Belthorpe and enjoy the views going down to the hill from Great Givendale.
  • This circular ride is taken from the book "Humberside on Horseback" and is included by kind permission of the British Horse Society.
Start Point
High Belthorpe
End Point
High Belthorpe
Towns & Villages
Bishop Wilton, Fangfoss, Great Givendale, High Belthorpe and Millington
ParishBishop Wilton
Start Easting
Start Northing
End Easting
End Northing
Further Information
Accessibility Information
This route:- 
-  contains some steep slopes. 
-  contains gates which can be passed through in a motorised wheelchair, on a horse or with a pushchair. 
-  may involve walking or riding through fields with livestock. 
-  contains surfaces which can be boggy in wet weather. 
Additional Information
-  The grade only applies if you follow this route on foot.