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Help Videos

To help you make the most of the W@lking The Riding website, we have created a series of Help Videos. These videos use Adobe Flash© show you how to use the various pages and tools within the website.


Some older computers may not play the videos open the straight away. We have written a short help guide explaining how to view the videos on these machines.


View 'Video Help' guide PDF


All videos have a matching PDF document for those unable to view the videos.



Finding a Walk 

There are two ways to find a walk, all are accessed through our Find Walks page. Detailed instructions are available for each method, as PDF documents and short videos.


How do I use the Basic Map?

Click on the map in the area you would like to visit, this will provide you with a list of all walks in that area both long & short, easy or challenging. Choose the walk you are interested in and read the details.

View 'Basic Map' help PDF

View 'Basic Map' help video



What is the Advanced Search?

The advanced option enables you to selects walks by different criteria, using keywords, tick-boxes and drop down lists. This allows you to find the best walk to suit you. The Advanced Search process is split into two videos. 

View 'Advanced Search 1' help PDF 

View 'Advanced Search 1' help video


View 'Advanced Search 2' help PDF

View 'Advanced Search 2' help video



How to Design Your Own Walk?

This section of the site shows a map of the roads and footpaths in our area, and allows you to pick your own route. The instructions below explain how to navigate the map and draw your chosen route.

View the 'How to design your own walk' video


Using The Forum


How do I register on the forum?

On the Forum page is a ‘Registration’ button. Click on it and fill in your details, including a valid e-mail address.

View 'Registration Process' help PDF

View 'Registration Process' help video


What do I do with the Registration E-mail?

Once you have completed the Registration process you will be sent an activation e-mail. Follow the e-mail’s instructions to activate your account.

View 'Registration E-mail' help PDF

View 'Registration E-mail' help video


How Do I login to the forum?

Only registered users can leave comments, though anyone can read existing comments. Once registered go to the Forum page and click Login, this will take you back to the Forum page.

View 'Login Process' help PDF

View 'Login Process' help video


I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

On the Login page is a link reading Forgotten Your Password?. Click on it and type in the e-mail address you used to register. Click on Send Me My Details button. You will receive an e-mail; follow the e-mail’s instructions to enter a new password.


How Do I Change My Account Details?

Registered users can change their account details, including their password. You must login using your existing password and select the Edit Account button on the Forum page.

View 'Change Account' help PDF

View 'Change Account' help video


How Do I Add A New Topic?

Topics are separate subjects, in which registered users can post comments. Once you have logged in, click the ‘New Topic’ button on at the bottom of the Forum page. Type in a title of you topic, and write your comments. The Topic is sent to our administrators to approve. It will then appear on the forum. Any inaccurate, obscene or defamatory messages will be removed.

View 'Add Topic' help PDF

View 'Add Topic' help video



How Do I Reply To a Topic or Comment?

Comments are replies to Topics. Open a Topic by clicking on its title, and click the Reply button against the comment or topic you wish to reply to. Type in the title and write your comments. You can also attach images to your reply. Please ensure photos are free of copyright before you attach them. By placing images on the forum you are allowing us to use your photos.

View 'Reply to Topic or Comment' help PDF

View 'Reply to Topic or Comment' help video



Required Software


Adobe Acrobat Reader

The maps on this website are stored as Adobe PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free viewer which you can download from Adobe's website.


Download Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website.


Adobe Flash Player

The help videos are stored as Adobe Flash files, and can bee seen within Internet Explorer. Flash Player is a free viewer which you can download from Adobe's website.


Download Flash Player from Adobe's website.