Trees, hedges and grass cutting

Report dangerous, overgrown or damaged trees, hedges and verges, including uncut grass, grass clipping collections and asking for help with garden maintenance.

Can I report an issue with a tree or hedge?

Yes, but if the tree, shrub or hedge are on private land and are causing an issue to the highway or a footway we may require the owner or occupier of the land to lop or cut it so as to remove the cause of danger, obstruction or interference. 

Please note: we will not remove healthy trees or hedges unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as there is proof that the tree is causing subsidence damage.

When will my report be dealt with?

All non-urgent major works are carried out between September and March when birds have finished nesting. We will only ever work on trees and hedges during this period when there is a risk to public safety.

Read more about wildlife regulations

Please note: if the hedge or tree is on private land, and the owner doesn’t address the issue following a request from the council, we can carry out the work and bill the owner following a formal notification.

Can you help with the maintenance of my garden?

We may be able to help you look after your garden if you meet certain conditions:

How often do you cut grass?

On urban roadside grass verges and public areas such as play areas, cemeteries, and public open spaces, we will cut the grass regularly to maintain a good standard, between April and September each year.

On rural roadside grass verges and in areas such as tree belts and woodland areas, we will cut the grass three times between April and September each year. If the verges are outside a village boundary we will cut it twice between April and August.

How far do you cut grass verges back?

We cut roadside grass verges back between two to three metres at sightlines, bends and junctions so road users and pedestrians can see clearly. 

Other grass verges are cut at least one metre away from the edge of the road. 

Do you collect the grass or hedge clippings?

Grass clippings

Unfortunately grass clippings can’t be removed every time the grass is cut, as the volume is equivalent to clippings from 1,200 football stadiums.

Collecting grass clippings would more than double the cost of the service partly due to a government imposed landfill taxation, as grass clippings on their own can’t be composted.

However, we supply our staff with blowers to keep the footpaths clear of mown grass in key areas such as footpaths in and around retirement homes and sheltered accommodation.

Hedge clippings

If we cut hedges in urban areas we usually collect and remove the clippings. 

Clippings from rural hedges are not normally collected as they are usually contained within the highway verge. If they spill over onto the road and are causing a potential danger to road users please let us know and we will clear them:

Report hedge clippings that need clearing

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