Prevention of domestic abuse service (PODAS)

Explains what the PODAS service is, do you need help from them, the kind of help offered, is it confidential, who to contact and how to get help.

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What is the PODAS Service?

The prevention of domestic abuse service (PODAS) offers one to one support to adults and young people over 16 years of age who recognise and want to take responsibility to change their abusive behaviour. PODAS aims to reduce the risk to victims and children by providing an intervention package for those who are at risk of or are perpetrating domestic abuse. The service will work with you to challenge your views, improve your self-awareness and provide strategies and skills for minimising future abuse.

Receiving support is based on your willingness to engage and motivation to change.

The following poster and leaflet provide information on the PODAS service:PODAS poster (pdf 194kb)

PODAS information leaflet (pdf 194kb)

Do I need help from the service? 

Your PODAS worker will work with you on your relationship issues and behaviour in a safe environment. Some of the problems PODAS can help with are: 

  • if your relationships with partners and family members suffered as a result of your behaviour
  • if your feelings leave you feeling frustrated and out-of-control
  • if you like both practical and emotional support from specialised workers on a one-to-one basis in a non-judgemental and confidential way.

What kind of help do you offer?

We aim to reduce offending and the risk of offending by helping you to challenge and change abusive behaviours and attitudes. We recognise that such behaviours stem from a variety of factors. We will address any support needs you may have in order to reduce the risk of you perpetrating domestic abuse.

These may include:

  • homelessness and housing
  • alcohol issues
  • drug issues
  • education, training and employment e.g. Employment Agency
  • physical health and disabilities
  • mental health issues
  • personal finances
  • legal issues
  • family issues.

Your needs will be continually assessed so we can tailor the support you receive to your requirements.

We also offer the Caring Dads programme.

Caring Dads is a 17-session programme designed for fathers who acknowledge the need to change their behaviour towards their partner (or ex-partner) and children and have regular contact with their children.

What are the programme aims?

  • Help fathers improve their relationship with their children
  • End controlling, abusive and neglectful behaviours within relationships


If you have attended the Caring Dads programme and would like to provide some feedback to the service, please complete the feedback form below.

Caring Dads Feedback Form

Is the service confidential?

This service is confidential and will only be shared with other agencies with your agreement. 

You will be asked to sign a consent to share form. This allows you to say which agencies we can share, store, receive or request information from.

There are some exceptions to this. If we feel that a child or young person is at significant risk of harm we have a duty to report our concerns to social services, following child protection procedures. Also, in certain circumstances, if we think there is a risk of a crime being committed we will share information in order to offer further protection.

We may inform your partner, if you have one, that you are receiving support from PODAS to challenge and change abusive behaviours, but no details of the support you are receiving will be shared with your partner.

Who can you ask for help?

The PODAS team can offer support to any adult or young person over the age of 16 years of either gender.

You can refer your self but other people are also able to make a referral on your behalf these may include:

  • a friend or work colleague or family member or neighbour
  • customer services staff
  • probation service
  • The Police
  • social services
  • health workers e.g. doctor, nurse, health visitor, midwife
  • multi-agency teams
  • solicitors
  • fire services (community protection units)
  • community mental health team
  • youth offending team
  • drug and alcohol support agencies
  • CAMHS (child and mental health adolescent services) 
  • schools and education welfare.

If you have commitments during the day, appointments can be agreed outside of normal office hours.

How do I get help from the service?

You can get help from PODAS by calling the domestic violence service on (01482) 396368.

You can ring this number to gain further information or advice about the service that we offer or to request support from the service. 

Alternatively you can refer yourself or a professional can refer you to PODAS by completing the following form:

PODAS referral form (word 74kb)

Download, complete, save and email back to:

Email: podas@eastriding.gov.uk

How can I provide feedback to the service?

Your opinion of the PODAS service is very important to us, because it will help us to improve our service to help other families.  if you would like to provide feedback to the service, please complete the form below.

Client Satisfaction Feedback Form

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